Is it the Doctor Who 50th Anniverserary Yet?


Thanks for the many memories Matt Smith, you have done a fantastic job as the Doctor. You will be remembered on for many years to come. 


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Is it the Fiftieth Yet?

No it is not! But! That’s just fine.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, Peter Capaldi.

I have to admit I was a little more than anxious for this announcement. Between soon to be moving away for college (two weeks, I am not ready for this, kids) and this, I’ve been a little bit of a wreck.  So, admittedly, I came into the fandom a little late, as far as the revival in 2005 goes, so by the time I really started watching it, Matt Smith was already in place as the doctor (although the first episode I ever watched had Chris in it, and he’s fucking fantastic).  But Matt is my doctor.  I absolutely love him, his acting is great, and I’m selfish and don’t want to see him go.

However, I trust him, because he is my doctor, and he trusts Peter Capaldi and wishes him the best.  So I will stand by my doctor, and I wish Peter the best of luck with this once in a lifetime role.  It’ll be an honor to see him.

So kids, tell me: who was YOUR doctor? Who did you want to see as 12? What’s your reaction to Peter?


so every future character in dw will be solely from fires of pompeii

every single one

they’re only allowed to pick from the fires of pompeii

nowhere else

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